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May 13 / Scott

Pressing On – The Letterpress Film

This is the documentary film my daughter Erin is working on. I am very proud of what she is doing. Most of the people who will be interviewed, IF IT IS FUNDED, are my friends and members of the MWT Advisory Committee. They have helped me to be able to cut wood type. They are free with good advice and not afraid to tell me when I am wasting my time. They have shared their vast pool of knowledge with me. Erin, and hundreds of other letterpress printers around the globe. The timing of this film is critical. It can not wait to be produced five years from now IF IT IS NOT FUNDED.

Many people do not know how Kickstarter works. If the Kickstarter does not get fully funded by the deadline, all funds are returned to the supporters and the film Pressing On will not be made. Many people do know how it works and have seen the value in supporting the production of this film. Thank you to all the people who have contributed the wonderful rewards, and thanks to everyone who has supported the Kickstarter so far.

Check over the reward list, watch the video clips. Please consider making a donation of any size. It all adds up and will allow future letterpress printers to understand where the knowledge and techniques came from. 

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