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Moore Wood Type’s large pantograph is a replica of the type cutting pantographs at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. Long conversations with Jim Moran, Director of the Museum, and several hours of private instruction and problem solving with Norb Brylski, has finally produced a working, very accurate pantograph that fills a good portion of the workshop. Building the MWT pantograph was an eight-month process and involved two trips to Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Moore Wood Type is also in the process of building a Border Stamping Machine, based on the design of the actual working machine at the Hamilton Museum.

Additional type production machines have been acquired from Dave Churchman at The Warman Avenue “Boutique de Junque” in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Vandercook Plate Gauge, Type Trim Saw, Showcard Proof Press, and many of the special hand tools all started out as old, recycled machines that have been given a new life in the workshop at Moore Wood Type where they are once again being used to make wood type.