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Feb 24 / Erin

MWT in the Market: Art Works

IsabellaPoster_2011In the Fall, several of my Hand Media students chose to participate in Art Works: A Poster Contest to Support American Jobs. I was particularly fond of their decision to include, “Hand Printed in America.” Two of the students used Moore Wood Type catchwords and stars as part of their poster design.

“I wanted to showcase ‘the American Dream’ through type and texture. The textured background represents a white picket fence, while the type indicates food and transportation for all. I printed the poster on a Vandercook and used a laser cutter to create the textured background.”
Kara Isabella, Miami U. Graphic Design
(featuring: MWT No. 1 “AND” and several stars, available soon)

Throughout the Event Poster Project, I told the students participating in the contest that they were all going to win, so I initially thought Lauren was joking when she told me, “Obama’s people just called.” It was very exciting to find out Lauren’s poster was chosen as one of 12 Finalists. It was interesting to see the style of posters the Obama for America campaign staff were drawn to, they seem to like the distressed letterpress look (both computer generated and hand printed).


“As far as the design process, I was really interested in exploring the use of the back of the wood type. I played with a few different concepts, but one that I thought would be interesting to pursue was ‘Rebuilding America.’ I played with using the type blocks as a few different elements, such as borders, background sections, etc. but then decided to try using the blocks as ‘buildings’ and having the type interject between the blocks in certain sections. The hardest part when printing was keeping the background in a gradient (split fountain), because eventually my blues all ran together, as well as getting the type to line up properly in the spaces I created for them.”
Lauren Romano, Miami U. Graphic Design
(featuring a silver MWT star)
(left) Creating hype with American type!
Dylan Sullivan, Miami U. Architecture
(click to enlarge image)

Note: The contest was a bit controversial in the design community. Richard Grefé, AIGA executive director, sent a letter to campaign manager Jim Messina explaining his position.


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