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Sep 4 / Scott

Cutting Wood Type with the Ladies of Letterpress

I have been very busy over the past few months.

In early June, I attended the APA ( Amalgated Printers Association) Wayzgoose in Phoenix with afternoon temperatures in June of 114 degrees.  I attended several very interesting workshops and sold lots of wood type to a new set of printers and universities in the western United States.  

I traveled with Don Black, from Don Black Linecasting, one of the largest resellers of printing equipment and supplies in North America.  Everyone I met told me how they had purchased their first type and press from Don.

In late June my daughter Erin and I made the road trip to The Ladies of Letterpress Wayzgoose in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.  Beside a small pantograph wood type cutting machine and tubs of wood and patterns for my workshops, I traveled with another letterpress master, Dave Peat.  What a trip. We talked printing and printing history all the way to Iowa and back.

The group had invited me to lecture about the history of wood type and  the process I use to cut wood type at their Wayzgoose held at the famous Printer’s Hall in Mt. Pleasant.  I had three different workshop groups and sold wood type for two days.  I met lots of new printer friends and visited with old friends.




Erin attended her own bookbinding and box making workshops. I even had several friends slip over to my space on their free time to try their hand at cutting wood type.  A very busy Summer.



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